Brilliant. Badass. Rebel. Is that you?

You're a trailblazer, a changemaker, a rule breaker.

Each day is another opportunity to smash the patriarchy, call out the bullshit, and bust outta the box society built for you.

You are a rebel, no doubt. But are you well?

Let's not pretend that constantly challenging yourself and the limits of the world around you is easy.

And putting your own health at risk is starting to lose its appeal. Drinking too much coffee, never getting enough sleep, forgetting to eat and then stuffing yourself silly when no one's watching. Feeling it all, all of the time.

You long to live in a world where you don't have to explain yourself, your ambitions, your desires. Where the only rules you have to follow are the ones you've written for yourself.

Because you're brilliant. And you're badass.

And you can be well too.

You can be at peace, you can be supported, you can be celebrated for being 100% you.

And if you're ready, you can connect with other like-minded rebels who are into all that too.

What would it feel like to . . .

  • Be a valued member of a community who gets you: badasses, rebels, feminists, visionaries
  • Redefine your relationship with wellness and get saavy about your body and hormones for good
  • Break up with burnout and give the middle finger to stress
  • Feel inspired to continue on your path of transformation, knowing that you're fully supported along the way
  • Have access to an internationally certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and Priestess who's committed to seeing you thrive


Well Rebel Collective is a badass community for rebels and visionaries ready to revolutionize their relationship with wellness.

This group is for you if:

  • You enjoy being part of a group and see the value of sharing your experiences with other brilliant, heart-centered rebels just like you.
  • You want to discover what wellness feels like independent of a number on the scale or the size of your skinny jeans.
  • You crave real talk when it comes to your body, hormones, and cycles.
  • You long to feel confident and clear about who you are, not just who everyone expects you to be.
  • You want proven strategies from a trusted expert that you can incorporate into your everyday life with ease.
  • You recognize the value of coming together over going it alone.


Cyclical Living

  • Work with the energies of cycles (menstrual, lunar, seasonal)
  • Learn how to support your body, energy, and mood through more than just food


  • Master your stress
  • Move beyond burnout
  • Build resiliency for what's to come

Sacred Self-Care

  • Discover daily rituals that support your higher vision
  • Commit to a morning and evening routine that encourages rest and replenishment

Pleasure and Play

  • Prioritize pleasure 
  • Stoke your creative fires
  • Ignite your libido
  • Unleash the wild within

Hormone health and healing

  • Gain a greater understanding of your hormones
  • Learn effective strategies that you can bring into your everyday life to support them

Intuitive Eating

  • Gain greater trust in your body and its desire for divine nourishment
  • Ditch the diets and give yourself the authority to choose what's on your plate

Supportive Boundaries 

  • Set boundaries with conviction
  • Stand your ground
  • Let go of what's no longer serving you

PMS and Perimenopause

  • Learn how to support yourself through these two phases and what they share in common that you don't want to miss

Sacred Rage 

  • Acknowledge your anger as real
  • Allow rage to be a vehicle for transformation instead of a force that consumes you whole

Radical Vulnerability

  • Own your story
  • Use your authentic voice
  • Unleash what you've desperately been waiting to share with the world (without apologies)

Hi, I'm Jolinda!

I'm an award-winning Certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach and Priestess obsessed with helping changemakers and revolutionaries get back their spark so they can set the world on fire.

When you work with me, you'll
learn to ride the waves of your changing hormones, renegotiate the relationship between your body and mind, and lead life from a place of radical self-acceptance and unshakeable inner trust.

You'll finally have the courage to move forward and experience vibrant health from a place of wholeness, worthiness, and wellness on your own terms.

In addition to my certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I'm also a Certified Life Coach (Beautiful You Coaching Academy), and completed a 14-month intensive program as a Priestess (Priestess Temple School). I have a Master's degree in Education from Pace University and a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in the City of New York.

I've been featured on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine and was nominated for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy CEO Shine Award in 2017 and became the winner in 2021.

Well Rebel Collective is my answer to the three big questions I've been holding in my heart over the last year:

1) How can I make my services more accessible?

2) How can I foster an inclusive community who want to define wellness on their own terms?

3) How can I create genuine opportunities for connection, learning, and transformation?

This is my answer. Will you join me?


1 x MASTERCLASS + WORKBOOK so that you can have access to the information that interests you most and a way to keep it all organized.

2 x GROUP COACHING CALLS so that you can feel safe and supported and build connections with other members. We'll create a sacred container where we'll witness each other fully and cheer each other on. All group sessions will be recorded for those who can't attend live.

WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READINGS so you can get greater insight and connect with your higher self at the start of each week.

DAILY CONNECTION IN A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP so you can build relationships with the other members and get exclusive access to Jolinda


UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT so that you never have to go it alone. Think of having your own personal health coach, life coach, and spiritual advisor just an email away!  

What's it like working with Jolinda?

"Jolinda created a safe space that allowed all of us to really connect and open up to each other. I found it easy to share what was in my heart (and that’s not something that comes easily to me in a group) and I was always met with amazing guidance from Jolinda as well as love and support from the other members. Jolinda creates an environment that fosters connection, inspiration and courage. She knows exactly what questions to ask and who to turn to next."

- Angy Tsafos (UK)

"If you’re considering coaching, I encourage you to take the plunge. Get on the phone with Jolinda and let her give you the support you’re looking for. I’m really glad I did."

- Kyla Ritchie (USA)

"I enjoy Jolinda’s straight talking…she manages to both hold space for you to have your light bulbs but brings her own signature truth bombs when they’re most likely to have an impact. I'm better able to see where I am acting out from a place of limiting beliefs and insecurities. I’m also SO much more aware of honouring bedtimes, morning rituals and practicing compassion and even appreciation for downtime and void time – as a necessity, not a cop out.

- Jennifer Carr (UK)


Full access

  • Monthly masterclass + workbook
  • Weekly oracle card readings
  • Daily connection in the FB group
  • 2 x group coaching sessions/month with Jolinda
  • Unlimited email support

Pay in full: $950 USD/year

Pay as you go: $95 USD/month

What's it like working with Jolinda?

"I must have been living under a rock as I never knew what a life coach was... until the day the universe sent Jolinda my way; at a time I needed to "sort my life out" and looking to go back to soul-purpose.

For someone who did 3 therapies in the past 20 years; I got so much more from my coaching sessions than with my past therapeutic self-reflections. 

I am forever grateful for the spiritual and actions-based journey Jolinda was able to support me with".

- Anissa Maaref (France)

"Jolinda is an excellent listener and space holder, and with her extraordinarily relevant and insightful questioning, we dug so much deeper into the factors contributing to my wellbeing.  

So much gratitude for this incredible woman and her work. If you have the opportunity to work with Jolinda, jump at it!"

- Rebecca Coldicutt (New Zealand)

"I've gone from burnt out and fatigued to actively moving my body every day and energised. More than ever I'm in sync with my body and the inherent wisdom she holds, my own beautiful guide leading me through the rhythm of my life."

- Lowri Drakley (UK)


The first step is clicking the APPLY NOW button and answering a few simple questions.

That way I'll get to see if you'll be a good fit for the program and a good match for me. 

Once approved, you'll receive an invoice for your first payment (monthly or annual) and an invitation to join the FB group.


1) How many people will be in each group?

Each group session will be a maximum of 8 people so that each member gets the time and attention they need.

2) Is 12 months really necessary?

I'm guessing you've already participated in lots of programs that ended right when you felt like you were just getting started. So instead of building momentum, only to fall back into your old ways, imagine having the support to see that momentum through. To make the major overhauls you've been tiptoeing around when it comes to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. That's not something that happens in a few months time and you know it.

3) How do I pay?

All payments can be made via PayPal using a PayPal account or any major credit card.

4) What happens if I can't come to a call?

All group calls will be recorded, so while you will ideally be able to make it to every call, being absent won't prevent you from missing out on any of the valuable content that you signed up for.

5) Are all sessions held online?

Yes, absolutely. Every session is held via Zoom ensuring that you can participate from anywhere in the world. All you need is a strong internet connection and a pair of headphones.

6) Will I get any individual support?

As part of the membership, you'll have the opportunity for group coaching only. If you desire 1:1 support, I have other options for working with you at

7) Do I have to make an annual commitment or can I pay month by month?

There's no annual commitment to join. If you choose to pay month by month, simply notify us 15 days in advance to cancel your membership.

8) Is there any advantage to paying in full?

Absolutely! When you pay in full, you save two full months.

© Jolinda Johnson, 2021