Are you the one you've been looking for?

If you've reached midlife you probably know that it's an incredible time of change: from your menstrual cycles to your moods, everything is in flux.

And while your hormones might be throwing you for a loop, they're also helping you to see things differently.

The veil is lifting. Your priorities are changing. After years of following everyone else's rules, you're finally ready to make your own.

It's time to find your way back to yourself.

You're ready to EMERGE.

What would it feel like to . . .

  • Have time and space to make the changes you've been craving
  • Have energy throughout the day to reach your highest potential with greater ease
  • Have support from an intimate group ready to witness you on your journey
  • Have faith to let go of what drags you down and make room for what lights you up


This group is for you if:

  • You're ready to create space and release what is no longer serving your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • You desire to reach your highest potential from a place of confidence, clarity, and calm. 
  • You want proven strategies that you can incorporate into your everyday life with ease.
  • You enjoy being part of a group and see the value of sharing your experiences with other brilliant, heart-centered beings just like you.
  • You've reached midlife and you're ready for more!

A closer look at what you'll get to explore

Supportive routines

  • Discover daily rituals that support your higher vision
  • Commit to a morning and evening routine that encourages rest and replenishment


  • Release what's no longer serving you
  • Relax into the present
  • Connect with the flow of life


  • Make peace with the inner critic
  • Learn proven techniques for greater self-compassion
  • Accept yourself for who you truly are


  • Set boundaries with conviction
  • Feel confident to stand your ground
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your needs

Sacred space

  • Ground into the body and build a greater awareness of its signals
  • Develop a deep connection with your higher self
  • Let your inner wisdom take the lead


  • Make peace with the inner critic
  • Learn proven techniques for greater self-compassion
  • Accept yourself for who you truly are

Hi, I'm Jolinda!

It's my honor and privilege to be your guide on this incredible six-month journey.

I want you to do me a favor. Close your eyes and imagine how you want to see yourself at the end of this year? How do you want to feel? Who do you want to be? What experiences are you longing to have?

Now picture what it would be like to have a life coach, a health coach, and a spiritual advisor supporting you to make that heart-centered vision a full-blown reality. If that sounds like a dream come true, that's exactly what my program Emerge will be giving you.

Isn't it time you had an unshakeable faith in yourself and your unique calling, the confidence to share it unapologetically with the world, and the energy to get it all done with greater ease? Isn't it time you started shining your true brilliance without apology?

If the answer is YES, then click the APPLY NOW button to so that together we can start blazing a brand new trail. You're the only one who can walk your unique path, but you don't have to complete the journey alone. 

In six months time you could be exactly where you are now, or you could be light years away.

I know which one I'm choosing. What about you?


2 x COACHING CALLS each month so that you can feel truly seen within a supportive community. We'll create a sacred container where we'll witness one each other fully and cheer each other on.

1 x 90-minute 1:1 ($350 value) so that you also have my individual support around goals that are specific to you. This can be scheduled at any time during the six months.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS (INCLUDED IN EACH GROUP CALL) so that you can ground into your body, release your stress from the day, and come into the container with clarity and calm

ORACLE CARD READINGS (INCLUDED IN EACH GROUP CALL) so you can get greater insight and connect with your higher self at the start of each session


A TRELLO BOARD complete with journal prompts, exercises, and additional meditation recordings that you can explore in between sessions and do in your own time

UNLIMITED EMAIL AND VOXER SUPPORT so that you never have to go it alone. Think of it as your own personal health coach, life coach, and spiritual advisor right in your pocket!


"Before joining Emerge, I was hesitant and worried about what the next 6 months would look like - I thought 6 months was a really long time to commit to something like this!

During the program, however, the themes and guidance that Jolinda provided were EXACTLY the support that I needed. I was going through a big shift in my life and Emerge gave me a safe and wonderful space to explore all of these changes, challenges, and "becoming" moments in the company of other people who were always there to hold space and listen - as well as, Jolinda's guidance always came at the right time.

The biggest change I experienced during the program was tapping into my intuition and putting myself first in my life with small revolutionary acts that built into sustainable habits and beliefs to support my becoming.

My favorite part about the program was the small and intimate group we had, which was really nice to go deep with a smaller group and get the support I needed.

I highly recommend this program if you're ready to have emotional, mental, and spiritual support as you make changes to live a more aligned life."

Cassandra Le, Spain

When I found Jolinda, I was suffering from a very bad case of burn out, 20 years in the making!  I knew that I needed someone to help guide me through the fog in my mind and in my body, but I was hesitant to reach out to a coach. 

I worried whether they would have the expertise to guide me.  I worried about feeling comfortable sharing the emotional and physical pain that accompanies and causes burn out.  I worried that I would spend the money and see no improvement. 

While these were legitimate concerns, I am so thrilled to share that I didn't need to waste all that time worrying!!!  Jolinda is an expert in burn out, hormones, self-care strategies, nutrition, living well with chronic conditions, and so much more! 

On my first call with Jolinda, we immediately connected.  She is such a good listener, and she really knows how to hold space for her clients. 

Since I started working with Jolinda, I have learned how to take care of myself in new ways that allow me to heal from a tough case of burn out.  I feel so much more confidence in my decisions around nutrition, exercise, and self care. 

And as I've leaned into the things I learned with Jolinda, I am feeling myself come back. 

Sadie Cullumber, USA

"I must have been living under a rock as I never knew what a life coach was... until the day the universe sent Jolinda my way; at a time I needed to "sort my life out" and looking to go back to soul-purpose.

Not really knowing what I was getting myself into, I trusted my instinct and let myself be guided by Jolinda's energetic influence.

And oh God, what a surprise! For someone who did 3 therapies in the past 20 years; I got so much more from my coaching sessions than with my past therapeutic self-reflections. 

I am forever grateful for the spiritual and actions-based journey Jolinda was able to support me with".

Anissa Maaref, Spain


Jolinda Johnson (M.S.Ed., CHHC) is an award-winning Certified Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach who specializes in burnout and perimenopause. She's obsessed with helping changemakers and revolutionaries get back their spark so they can go set the world on fire. She wants to change the narrative around perimenopause and give attention to the voices that are typically left out of the conversation, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and people under 45.

She is a sought after guest on podcasts, has been featured on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine, and was the recipient of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy CEO Shine Award in 2021. She’s also taken to the stage as a motivational speaker for other life coaches and can be found on the popular website Healthline.

Jolinda's originally from Detroit, Michigan but earned her B.A. from Columbia University in New York City and completed her Master's of Science in Education as part of the NYC Teaching Fellows program at Pace University in 2006. For the last thirteen years she's made her home as a single mother in Barcelona, Spain.









"Joining Jolinda’s coaching group was one of the best decisions I have made for myself for a number of reasons. Despite me feeling a bit apprehensive as this was my first group coaching experience, I enjoyed every minute of it and found myself really looking forward to our meetings.

Jolinda created a safe space that allowed all of us to really connect and open up to each other. I found it easy to share what was in my heart (and that’s not something that comes easily to me in a group) and I was always met with amazing guidance from Jolinda as well as love and support from the other members. Jolinda creates an environment that fosters connection, inspiration and courage. She knows exactly what questions to ask and who to turn to next.

I also obtained access to great resources that allowed me to dig deep and grow as a person. As a mother, wife and entrepreneur, this group gave me the perfect opportunity to connect with myself and acknowledge some of the pressures that I was putting on myself. It has reinforced the fact that I am the storyteller of my own life and that I can choose the stories that I tell myself.

I also have to mention the uncanny accuracy of the oracle cards that she pulled after each session. They were always spot on and reflected exactly what the group was working through and letting go."

-Angy Tsafos, UK

"Can't even see my keyboard through the tears of JOY I'm experiencing while thinking about how grateful I am for having worked with Jolinda. 

What an amazing human. What an amazing woman. 

I started this journey struggling with identity, self-love, my own place as a woman, and undiagnosed period and and hormonal issues - there couldn't have been a more appropriate person to work with. 

She took my struggles head on, she supported me through one of the hardest journeys I've been on in my adult life (seriously not an exaggeration), and she helped me become the woman I knew I was but wouldn't believe I could be. I'm forever grateful to her for how she's contributed to my life and plan to keep working with her for the long haul!"

-Natalie Secco ,USA

"When I first reached out to Jolinda, I was in a period of transition. I was transitioning off of the birth control pill after 16 years and had recently moved to the UK from Florida. Her support and guidance couldn’t have come at a better time.  

I knew right away from our consultation call that I needed this, and that Jolinda would hold a space for me to open up and move forward feeling supported. During our sessions, Jolinda asked all the right questions, and helped shift my perspective on recurring issues, fears, and uncertainties.  

After a short 3 months, I now hold my head a little bit higher, recognize my worth, my abilities and my own unique light. She gave me a wealth of resources that have helped me understand myself better and feel prepared for what lies ahead.  

If you’re considering coaching, I encourage you to take the plunge. Get on the phone with Jolinda and let her give you the support you’re looking for. I’m really glad I did."

-Kyla Ritchie, UK


The first step is clicking the APPLY NOW button and booking a chat with me via Zoom. 

That way I'll get to see if you'll be a good fit for the program and a good match for me. 

Each group is limited to FIVE participants.


1) How many people will be in each group?

There will be no more than five people in each group. This will ensure that all members get the time and attention they need each session.

2) Is 6 months really necessary?

I'm guessing you've already participated in lots of programs that ended right when you felt like you were just getting started. So instead of building momentum, only to fall back into your old ways, imagine having the support to see that momentum through. To make the major overhauls you've been tiptoeing around when it comes to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. That's not something that happens in a few short weeks.

3) How do I pay?

All payments can be made via PayPal using a PayPal account or any major credit card.

4) Are all sessions held online?

Yes, absolutely. Every session is held via Zoom ensuring that you can participate from anywhere in the world. All you need is a strong internet connection and a pair of headphones.

6) Will I get any individual support?

Yes, you will! As much as I love a group dynamic, I also know the value of connecting 1:1. That's why along with the group sessions, you'll also receive a 90-minute individual session ($350 value). This time will help ensure that everything is tailored specifically to your needs.