You're stressed, but you don't want to admit it.

Instead you say "I can handle it," "I'm a master at juggling," or when all else fails---"I'm just so busy."

You're used to making things work and powering through it. People look to you as a reliable resource. You're a leader. A solutions seeker.

And while your mind is great at convincing you that all is well, you're body is telling another tale.

Trouble falling asleep at night, constant cravings for sugar and salt, changes in your menstrual cycle, brain fog that hits you out of the blue . . .

If this sounds like you, then you're blazing a trail with your brilliance . . . and it's leading straight to burnout.

Beyond Burnout Intensive

A 2-hour session to help you better manage stress and build resiliency against burnout

It's time you finally had the tools you need to master your stress, conquer your stressors, and start living your life with greater ease.



  • You're used to feeling stressed, but you've never felt this exhausted.
  • You tend to rush from one task to another without taking any time out along the way.
  • You feel like there's always more to be done and blame yourself for not accomplishing it all.
  • You try your best to "be healthy", but feel confused by all the latest trends.
  • You know that how you're feeling now isn’t how you want to feel anymore!  


  • When you click the BOOK NOW button, you'll be redirected to my calendar where you can book an appointment at a time that's convenient for you. 
  • Then, I'll send over a questionnaire that will give me a better idea of how I can help you and your specific breed of stress.
  • Between the time I get your questionnaire and the time of our session (at least 48 hours) I'll come up with a rough plan of ideas that we will fully customize together.
  • When we meet (online via Zoom), we'll jump right in and you'll have a chance to go into greater depth about how you're feeling and what you would like to change.
  • We'll discuss the specific strategies that I think would work best for you and you'll decide which ones sound doable and which ones get a hard pass. (I may be the expert, but when it comes to your health and well-being, you'll always be in the driver's seat.)


By the time we finish, you'll . . . 

  • have a massive shift in perspective and feel empowered by a plan designed just for you.
  • have had time to share your experience in a way that makes you feel fully seen, respected, and heard.
  • know how to safeguard yourself against burnout so you can keep going strong.
  • be able to go forward with greater clarity, confidence, and calm. 


1 x detailed questionnaire so we can get clear on how stress is affecting you and what you can do about it 

1 x 2-HOUR online consultation so that we can design a customized plan just for you

1 x customized action plan so that you can stress less, accomplish more, and start living life with greater ease

1 x 50-minute follow-up call to be used any time before September 1, 2022.


TWO WEEKS of unlimited email AND Voxer support so that you can ask any additional questions and get that extra dose of accountability


I've gone from burnt out and fatigued to actively moving my body every day and energised. More than ever I'm in sync with my body and the inherent wisdom she holds, my own beautiful guide leading me through the rhythm of my life."

-Lowri Drakley (UK)

"Jolinda lovingly shone a light on my hormone health, diet, stress management practice, sleep habits and my beliefs and then partnered with me to customise an action plan that suited my current lifestyle.

Jolinda was considerate with her suggestions and she provided many easy to implement and supportive new habits and actions that I can apply to my daily routine. I really appreciated her deep questioning and her ability to 'join the dots' when it came to my personal challenges.

If you need some support with your health, I highly recommend Jolinda's work."

-Ainslie Young, Feminine Embodiment and Business Mentor (Australia) 

"When Jolinda and I spoke this week, I went into the session believing I would get great advice on how to manage my PMS symptoms and hormonal fluctuations. In actual fact, I got so much more than that.

I have been working with various therapists and coaches around these issues for years, but in just one session, Jolinda distilled things down to 3 different angles I hadn't considered before, and gave me much to reflect on, along with practical advice and practices that were also new to me.

Our session was invaluable and I felt heard, held and hopeful by the end of it. So much gratitude for this incredible woman and her work. If you have the opportunity to work with Jolinda, jump at it!"

-Rebecca Coldicutt (New Zealand)

"My coaching session with Jolinda was unbelievably helpful.. It amazes me how quickly I saw results (by my next period). My energy was higher, I improved emotionally, and when I researched the changes I noticed I realized I was having much more healthy cycle.

My time with Jolinda was thorough and more than I expected. I received so much useful information that was easy to immediately integrate into my life. This girl really knows what she’s talking about! THANK YOU JOLINDA!"

-Johanna Komar (Canada)

"I enjoy Jolinda’s straight talking…she manages to both hold space for you to have your light bulbs but brings her own signature truth bombs as and when they’re most likely to have an impact.

Working with her has given me greater awareness of my blind spots, and I'm better able to see where I'm acting out from a place of limiting beliefs and insecurities.

I’m also SO much more aware of honouring bedtimes, morning rituals and practicing compassion and even appreciation for downtime and void time – as a necessity, not a cop out."

-Jennifer Carr (UK)

What's the investment?


This includes the 2-hour intensive, a customized action plan, 2 weeks of unlimited email and Voxer support PLUS a 50-minute follow-up call



Jolinda Johnson (M.S.Ed., CHHC) is an award-winning Certified Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach who specializes in burnout and perimenopause. She's obsessed with helping changemakers and revolutionaries get back their spark so they can go set the world on fire.  

She is a sought after guest on podcasts, has been featured on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine, and was the recipient of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy CEO Shine Award in 2021. She’s also taken to the stage as a motivational speaker for other life coaches and can be found on the popular website Healthline.

Jolinda's originally from Detroit, Michigan but earned her B.A. from Columbia University in New York City and completed her Master's of Science in Education as part of the NYC Teaching Fellows program at Pace University in 2006. For the last fourteen years she's made her home as a single mother in Barcelona, Spain.

Ready to get back your spark? It's time to blaze a whole new trail.


1) What kind of people get the best results working with you?

I love working with people (especially coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs) who are so obsessed with their vision that they often forget to take care of themselves. They are high performers used to pushing themselves (perhaps a little too hard), which often means they don't take a break until they've "earned it" or their bodies simply leave them no other choice. They are usually very good at "doing all the things," so slowing down can be scary and taking time to "just be" is almost unheard of. They not only need help identifying effective stress reduction strategies, but also support with loosening the grip of the inner critic and celebrating where they are instead of always focusing on where they want to be.

2) How do I know if I'm ready to work with you?

Are you ready for a change? Are you tired of doing the same things that lead to the same results? Are you willing to take responsibility for your own health and well-being? If you answered yes to these three questions, then you are ready!

3) What kind of results can I expect?

Every client I work with is unique, but some of the results you can expect include: better sleep, higher libido, increased energy, less procrastination, fewer hormonal symptoms, less worry about the future/constant regrets about the past, greater relationship satisfaction, and the ability to move through stress rather than get stuck in it.

4) How quickly can I expect results?

Time permitting, you'll be able to try some of the techniques during the session and experience immediate results. You should be able to see the long-term results in as little as seven days and if you remain consistent, you'll notice a huge shift within the first month. 

5) How is working with you in this way different from working with other coaches?

As an award winning Certified Life Coach and a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a specialization in hormone and gut health, I really work hard to treat the whole person and go beyond what you can see at the surface to get to the root cause. This is by no means a cookie cutter approach and every recommendation will be made with you specifically in mind. You'll also be an active participant throughout the session as we create a plan together that will reduce your stress, increase your resilience, and help you live with greater ease.

6) Do you offer payment plans?

No. All payments can be made via PayPal using a PayPal account or any major credit card.

7) How do we get started working together?

Simply click BOOK NOW below (or anywhere else on this page) and choose a date that's convenient for you. After that I'll be in touch with the Coaching Agreement and questionnaire to be filled out at least 48 hours before the session.