Are your hormones getting in the way of your best life?

When our hormones are off, everything is off. From our sex drive to our sleep to our periods . . . the list goes on. The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way! Let me help you discover the secrets to feeling your best.


Do any of these sound familiar?

These are just some of the scenarios that you might be experiencing on the regular.


Lately the week before your period is THE WORST. It's not just the cravings, but the bloating, the mood swings, and sometimes full-on anxiety that has gotten out of control. Part of you thinks that's just part of being a woman, but the other part is calling bullshit and knows there must be a better way.


Waking up in the morning is tough! Almost as hard as going to bed at night. It's like you get this burst of energy right when you should be going to sleep. Having a glass of wine (or two) has become part of your nightly routine, just like coffee to function in the morning. You wonder what it would be like to wake up with energy and fall asleep with ease.


The thrill is gone, but that's normal right? You love your partner and you still feel attracted to him, but you're finding it harder and harder to get aroused. Your libido appears to have gone missing, whereas Netflix and chill has become part of the daily routine.  


When you were on the pill your "period" came right on time, but you've recently discovered that it wasn't your period at all. Your real cycle is taking its sweet time coming back and you wonder what more you can do to bring your body into balance.

When your hormones aren't happy, nobody's happy.

Are you ready to make vibrant health your default setting?

This 90-Minute Hormone Health Consultation is the first step!

Here's how it works:

1) First things first. Click on any of the "Book Now" buttons you see on this page and choose a time in my handy dandy calendar that works for you. All sessions are done online via Zoom.

2) Once I get your confirmation, I'll send you a Hormone Health Questionnaire. This will give me a better idea of how to prepare for the session so we'll have more time to focus on the bigger picture and not just individual symptoms.

3) The session: This is a 90-minute consultation where we'll uncover the root causes of your hormonal imbalances, talk about what's possible to change, and make a plan for going forward with concrete action steps personalized FOR YOU!

4) The next day, you'll receive a copy of your personalized plan and any other recommendations/resources.

5) You'll be able to contact me for two weeks following the session via email with any questions or concerns.


"I especially admire that Jolinda's approach is not an overwhelming list of several dozen things to take with another several things to quit. Instead, Jolinda works with you to customize steps unique to your needs. I have personally benefited immensely from Jolinda's empowered coaching services."

Justina Thompson, USA

"Jolinda is an excellent listener and space holder, and with her extraordinarily relevant and insightful questioning, we dug so much deeper into the factors contributing to my wellbeing. I have been working with various therapists and coaches around these issues for years, but in just one session, Jolinda distilled down to three different angles I hadn't considered before . . . along with practical advice and practices that were also new to me."

Rebecca Coldicutt, New Zealand

"I knew Jolinda was the right coach for me after we had a call together. I loved her energy and enthusiasm towards fertility and helping women achieve their goals. I loved that she had a holistic view on health and wellness which included the practical and spiritual side of things."

Jodie Matthews, Australia

My coaching session with Jolinda was unbelievably helpful. It amazes me how quickly I saw results (by my next period). My energy was higher, I improved emotionally, and when I researched the changes I noticed I realized I was having much more healthy cycle. My time with Jolinda was thorough and more than I expected. I received so much useful information that was easy to immediately integrate into my life. This girl really knows what she’s talking about! THANK YOU JOLINDA!  

Johanna Komar, Canada  

Here are just a few benefits to having hormones that are working FOR you instead of against you:

 A healthy sex drive 

Regular, pain-free periods


Balanced energy throughout the day

Effortless weight loss

Restful, restorative sleep

Increased fertility

Clear skin

Strong hair and nails

Steady, elevated mood

 Hi, I'm Jolinda!

I'm a Fertility and Women's Health Coach (M.S.Ed., CHHC).

I love combining my training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a specialization in hormone health with my training as a Certified Life Coach to offer women the support they need to make sense of their hormones and transform their lives.

Together we'll not only identify the symptoms that are dragging you down, but make a plan that will make you feel empowered around your own health and well-being. Experience vibrant health, get back your glow, and discover what life is like on the other side of balanced hormones.  

Read more about me here.

Your Investment: $250 USD

This includes:

  • The questionnaire so that we can get clear on what is keeping you from feeling your best.
  • The 90-minute session so we can uncover the root cause and make a plan to correct it.
  • Personalized action steps so that you can feel empowered as you experience vibrant health.
  • Two weeks of access to me via email and Voxer so that you have the opportunity to ask any additional questions.


1) What kind of people get the best results working with you?  

I love working with other women (especially coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs) who are so obsessed with their vision that they often forget to take care of themselves. They are high performers used to pushing themselves (perhaps a little too hard), which often means they don't take a break until they've "earned it" or their bodies simply leave them no other choice. They are usually very good at "doing all the things," so slowing down can be scary and taking time to "just be" is almost unheard of. They not only need help identifying effective stress reduction strategies, but also support with loosening the grip of the inner critic and celebrating where they are instead of always focusing on where they want to be.  

2) How do I know if I'm ready to work with you?  

Are you ready for a change? Are you tired of doing the same things that lead to the same results? Are you willing to take responsibility for your own health and well-being? If you answered yes to these three questions, then you are ready!  

3) What kind of results can I expect?  

Every woman I work with is unique, but some of the results you can expect include: better sleep, higher libido, increased energy, less procrastination, fewer PMS symptoms, less worry about the future/constant regrets about the past, greater relationship satisfaction, and the ability to move through stress rather than get stuck in it.  

4) How quickly can I expect results?  

Time permitting, you'll be able to try some of the techniques during the session and experience immediate results. You should be able to see the long-term results in as little as seven days and if you remain consistent, you'll notice a huge shift within the first month.  

5) How is working with you in this way different from working with other coaches?  

As a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a specialization in hormone health, I really work hard to treat the whole person and go beyond what you can see at the surface to get to the root cause. This is by no means a cookie cutter approach and every recommendation will be made with you specifically in mind. You'll also be an active participant throughout the session as we create a plan together that will reduce your stress, rebalance your hormones, and help you live with greater ease.  

6) Do you offer payment plans?  

No. All payments can be made via PayPal using a PayPal account or any major credit card.  

7) How do we get started working together?  

Simply click BOOK NOW below (or anywhere else on this page) and choose a date that's convenient for you. After that I'll be in touch with the Coaching Agreement and questionnaire to be filled out at least 48 hours before the session.